FlyPulse drones can be used to automate infrastructure inspection such as grids. It is also done in a way that is safer, faster and more economical than with traditional methods.


With sensors tailored to the mission, FlyPulse takes automated drone systems for monitoring to the next level.


The FlyPulse drone platform handles urgent transport in a difficult to access environment. Starting and landing vertically gives a great deal of flexibility to reach most places.

Search & Rescue

The fact that drones can benefit during search efforts is well established. The FlyPulse system also integrates advanced image analysis, a multitude of sensor techniques and & nbsp; the ability to coordinate multiple drones at once.

FlyPulse transports medicine in Africa

During the year 2018, we at FlyPulse have been and tested our transport drone system both in UNICEF’s drone test corridor in Kasungu, Malawi and in the Victoria Lake archipelago in Tanzania. It has been identified in these countries that drones can be used to transport medical equipment, samples or medicine in a cost-effective and sometimes life-saving quick way to places that are difficult to reach for various reasons.


To become a leading supplier of systems for autonomous drones.