The Autonomous Airport

The Autonomous Airport – Testarena Örnsköldsvik

This is a project that FlyPulse is part of and that is part-financed by Vinnova. The purpose is to establish a test arena in a real airport environment that enables the development and validation of new efficient and secure solutions for an airport. The goal is to have a functioning test arena within two years, which is the first choice for regional, national and international players who want to develop and test solutions that focus on increased security, cost-effectiveness, improved capacity and contribute to achieving the sustainability goals described in Agenda 2030.

Our part of the project is to build an autonomous drone system that monitors the fence around the airport but also runways and its lighting. In addition to our standard system solution, an AI integration should also be included in the drone to be able to identify any deviations in the fence, on runways and its lighting. Thus, manual monitoring of all image streams that the drone collects should not be required without warning only in the event of any deviation being identified.

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