We make dronesystems for all climates

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We can connect people where no road goes.

A quick and safe transport of medical equipment is important.


Medical Cargo

We develop different kind of dronesystems to be able to provide help for a variety of medical needs. It can be automatic long range transportation of blood samples (more than 100km) or more time critical missions to find and help persons in life-threatening situations (takeoff within seconds).

Cutting-Edge Technology for Airborne Aid

We use the latest drone technology to build our different dronesystems. This allows for fully automatic flights with focus on simple usage.


At Flypulse we build and develop complete dronesystems. Remote user control software, cloud interfaces, automatic charging stations, onboard AI-vision, drone electronics, payload and sensor integrations are some examples of our work.


Our software automatically interfaces drone status, airspace management, topography data and weather services to create the most suitable flightpath. We also have multiple safety features onboard the drone to make sure the drones performs in a safe manner.


At Flypulse we develop unique prototypes and specific solution to provide exactly what the customer needs. You want a special user interface, an unique drone, a sensorcontrolled flightplanning algorithm etc, no problem!


We make all our dronesystems easy-to-use for operators. It is also important that the purpose of the drone is easily understood and accepted by the people affected by it. It could be as simple as painting the drone so the purpose is clear, or that we have demonstrations for people in the area it will be used.


FlyPulse Founders

We want to make a positive impact in the world